Friday, February 3, 2012

Double Rainbow Cucpakes

Lucky Charms- Double Rainbow Cupcakes
Dessert 5/5 of the "Super Bowl Cereal Challenge"

As per the "Super Bowl Cereal Challenge", this dessert is made with a cereal (Lucky Charms) and applies to a youtube video. Can you guys guess which? 

Let me give you a hint. "OH MY GOSH!" 

These are just from a mix and a can! I was making so many other things, I decided to cut corners here. I divided the white cake mix batter into 6 small bowls, dyed them each color, and poured them one at a time into cupcake pans. It created the rainbow marble look beautifully, and in the proper layers! I love this, really. It was so so fun. I just frosted them with a can of Whipped Vanilla icing and then put rainbow marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal. That way, the cake AND the marshmallows were both rainbows, providing, OH MY GOSH! a Double Rainbow! A perfect match for the youtube vid :)

These were my favorite in terms of look and success. Everyone got the reference and they looked so pretty. Even the wrappers looked lovely from the dye! And it was pretty amusing how the dehydrated marshmallows became soft again from the moisture in the icing. Overall, rainbow cupcakes ftw!

These lovely treats were featured on my lovely blogger friends website! This fabulous aussie's site is exceptionally fun, check it out here, and you can see her post featuring these cupcakes in cake version here!

Yay for friends :)

Cupcake's Take The Cake has also featured me! Check it out, click below!

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