Friday, February 3, 2012

The Ultimate Star Wars Feast

A long time ago, in a kitchen far far away... I made a ridiculous amount of geek food for a friend's birthday dinner.

When I had asked him what he'd like for dinner, telling him I'd make him anything, he had said he trusted me to make an amazing meal and he just had one request. Could it be Star Wars themed?

My roommate (his girlfriend) and I both stared for a second before smiling like fools. This was suddenly a present for ME! I am pretty sure my answer was "I guess I could deal with that" and inside I was doing excited cooking cartwheels.

Not surprisingly, I then got carried away. The facebook event was sent out to our friends, ("When 900 years you reach, cook this good you will not"), the grocery list got astounding, and I piped more geeky icing in one sitting than ever before.

I'll explain each piece on their own individual page. I tried to get this up and posted by May Fourth (For May the Fourth be with you) and then again for Revenge of the 5th but, it was too many photos to edit and recipes to upload. However, you'll find the entire menu below. May the force be with you.

Blue Milk Cocktail
Yoda Swamp Soda
Death Star Ritz Crackers
Sarlacc Pizza Dip
Tauntaun Guts
Battlefield Squash Lasagna 
Boba Feta Salad

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