Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blue Milk Cocktail

These are the adult version of Blue Milk. Which, all you hardcore geeks, know is the beverage of choice in the Star Wars films. Or at least, a beverage in one of the films.

I made these geeky drink stirrers. They are just plastic drink stirrers around the ends of which I wrapped some tin foil. I then took a Sharpie and added some buttons and engravings. 

The drink itself was thrown together by Mark himself. It's just a White Russian with a few drops of blue food dye. Here's the recipe for an average one I found on-line. 
2 oz vodka 
1 oz coffee liqueur
dash cream 

Add a few drops blue dye and, tada! You're a nerd.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Harry Potter's Magical Menu

It is both amazing and heart breaking to see such a spectacular series come to an end... Harry Potter may not be your thing but, the book series that swept the world is without a doubt one of the most enchanting ways kids have been brought back to reading. 

And if I love two things, they're magic and reading. 

It was established a LONG time ago that my roommate, Em, and I would throw a Harry Potter party in celebration of the final movie coming out. As fate would have it, things timed out so that it also ended up being a celebration of the final party in our apartment. We moved just 5 days after throwing our Potter Party, from our first big girl apartment in the city to a house 10 minutes away with even more of our friends.

Which will be/so far has been COMPLETELY stellar! But as the movie series coming to the same end the books did was bittersweet, so was our move. Luckily, these Harry Potter treats got us through the hard times. Plus, Alcoholic Butterbeer and Spiked Pumpkin Juice. Hope you enjoy these recipes and the Potter theme as much as we did!

First item on the wizard check list! House Themed Iced Sugar Cookies. I used the same recipe as I did here and simply used canned icing. I dyed it blue and had some super amazing ladies help me with the plain iced ones while I worked on the seal. It's a combination of chocolate and icing that I drew/molded until it represented all 4 houses cheerfully. 

Double Rainbow Cucpakes

Lucky Charms- Double Rainbow Cupcakes
Dessert 5/5 of the "Super Bowl Cereal Challenge"

As per the "Super Bowl Cereal Challenge", this dessert is made with a cereal (Lucky Charms) and applies to a youtube video. Can you guys guess which? 

Let me give you a hint. "OH MY GOSH!" 

These are just from a mix and a can! I was making so many other things, I decided to cut corners here. I divided the white cake mix batter into 6 small bowls, dyed them each color, and poured them one at a time into cupcake pans. It created the rainbow marble look beautifully, and in the proper layers! I love this, really. It was so so fun. I just frosted them with a can of Whipped Vanilla icing and then put rainbow marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal. That way, the cake AND the marshmallows were both rainbows, providing, OH MY GOSH! a Double Rainbow! A perfect match for the youtube vid :)

These were my favorite in terms of look and success. Everyone got the reference and they looked so pretty. Even the wrappers looked lovely from the dye! And it was pretty amusing how the dehydrated marshmallows became soft again from the moisture in the icing. Overall, rainbow cupcakes ftw!

These lovely treats were featured on my lovely blogger friends website! This fabulous aussie's site is exceptionally fun, check it out here, and you can see her post featuring these cupcakes in cake version here!

Yay for friends :)

Cupcake's Take The Cake has also featured me! Check it out, click below!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pancakes- Pancakes on the Half-shell! Pancake Power!

Ha, so. Blogger Officially hates me. This was *supposed* to upload automatically last night. When I went to check this morning how the blog looked, turns out this lil post here was still chilling in "scheduled". Despite it being extremely overdue. Ah, well. Fixing glitch #112 now! Back to our regularly scheduled program:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! In pancake form!

It'll be all you can do to keep Shredder away from these adorable geek creations. The shelled gang is all here! We have:




 I didn't make their sensei, Splinter, but, if any of you guys are up to the challenge, please send me the link! I'd love to check out a well executed trend of anthromorphic pancakes :)

These came from an idea that came from an idea that came from spending too much time amazed by the site Jim's Pancakes. If you haven't seen his website before, you should check it out. The man is a griddle master, making pancake masterpieces for his daughter and family.

There are several tricks to this, none too complicated. Use food dye to differentiate the colors of the batter and put them into squeeze bottle to create precise lines. A griddle turned to low will be your best friend in this situation as you'll want to add things in both an artistic and consistent manner before the cooking really starts up.

I had some fun and made tie-dye chocolate chip pancake leftovers when I was done with the turtles...


Overall, this experience was an EXTREMELY fun one! AND it was easy to the most clutzy degree! Thanks to Jim's Pancakes for the inspiration and tricks of the griddle trade! I see even more eccentric pancakes in my future...

The Ultimate Star Wars Feast

A long time ago, in a kitchen far far away... I made a ridiculous amount of geek food for a friend's birthday dinner.

When I had asked him what he'd like for dinner, telling him I'd make him anything, he had said he trusted me to make an amazing meal and he just had one request. Could it be Star Wars themed?

My roommate (his girlfriend) and I both stared for a second before smiling like fools. This was suddenly a present for ME! I am pretty sure my answer was "I guess I could deal with that" and inside I was doing excited cooking cartwheels.

Not surprisingly, I then got carried away. The facebook event was sent out to our friends, ("When 900 years you reach, cook this good you will not"), the grocery list got astounding, and I piped more geeky icing in one sitting than ever before.

I'll explain each piece on their own individual page. I tried to get this up and posted by May Fourth (For May the Fourth be with you) and then again for Revenge of the 5th but, it was too many photos to edit and recipes to upload. However, you'll find the entire menu below. May the force be with you.

Blue Milk Cocktail
Yoda Swamp Soda
Death Star Ritz Crackers
Sarlacc Pizza Dip
Tauntaun Guts
Battlefield Squash Lasagna 
Boba Feta Salad

Boba Feta Salad

This is a simple greek salad. It's a lot of feta, greek dressing, sun dried tomatoes, red peppers, and some croutons I made up. They are shaped like stars and I TRIED to make these ones look like the ships. Some fighters and the MF.

Can anyone kinda see that?

Just me then. Awesome. Well! You can at least see the stars. And appreciate the rest. To make croutons: cut out bread with cutters. Brush with butter and olive oil on both sides. Sprinkle with oregano, basil, and some salt. Broil until golden, approx 2-3 mins. 

Enjoy :)

Butternut Squash Battlefield Lasagna

So, this was my favorite thing made. Look how pretty it looks non-geeky.

I found the recipe from Martha. It was SOOOOOOO good.

And I found the LEGO characters and ship at target.

It turned out delicious and SO SO fun. Please make this. I love it. I am going to make it again once I find a butternut squash that is already diced up. It was a horrific trial to cut it up. I hate squash now. Working with it made me want to die.

So. I'll make it again when I find some butternut that I can work with. This is amazing tho. Try it out.

Tauntaun Spaghetti Guts

This is a garlic bread Tauntaun that is sliced open and bleeding spaghetti...

I personally think it'd be a very cozy place to spend a frozen night.

Mushroom vodka sauce, angel hair pasta, and mushrooms pan fried with garlic butter. I loved the simplicity of this dish, it was just jars and boxes, but I adored it. The Tauntaun itself was a huge success. 

Sarlacc Pizza Dip

This dip caused a shocking amount of debate amongst my friend.

Should the clam-shell like Sarlacc be present? Or should it be old school and just filled with tentacles? 

What do you guys think?

Either way, this recipe from Noble Pig was amazing. You NEED to make it. Some Pilsbury bread sticks were manipulated into the shell and tentacles. So good...